Are you feeling overwhelmed as a physician in practice?

 Are your kids crying for you because you spend so much time working? Do you feel you're not doing a great job as a parent and as a physician?

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Do you experience any of these?

Have you been in practice for a number of years and starting to feel overwhelmed with work.

Are you struggling with the seemingly never-ending paperwork, documents and lab results to review?

 Do you feel like your life is becoming blurred between what's a personal time and professional hours need to be completed? 

Please do not worry—you are not alone! I understand, as I felt this way after 10 years practicing family medicine as well--it’s just one of the challenges we face while serving our patients.

    Please take care of yourself—-before it takes hold on other parts of your life, and you lose your health, your relationships and even your career.   

 Let me give you some FREE, practical advice, to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of practicing medicine, delivered weekly to your email.

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 Some of the topics we will cover are: 

  • How does burnout manifest in a medical practice and what can you do about it?  
  • How can parenthood change your relationship with patients and your work life balance.
  • ​Putting yourself first after all we are also a patient.
  • ​How do I know if this is the right clinic for me to work at? 
  • ​What are red flags when looking into an existing practice before thinking about signing a contract or starting from scratch with another company?
  • ​So, you received a college complaint, now what?

You might be wondering, now that you've been through some challenges, in your career, and have more experience under your belt: 

Where should I go next!

I am here today to provide proven advice on how you can avoid all of these common pitfalls as a physician.

Dr. Tomi Mitchell Holistic Wellness Strategies

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